Friday, March 6, 2009

I agree with Matt Jones here........

From Kentucky Sports Radio. And sums up exactly how I feel.

"All I’m saying is that tomorrow morning, I’m going to wake up and put on my lucky (I thought) shirt and drive to Gainesville and cheer my balls off. Regardless of what happens there, I’ll be doing the same thing in Tampa next weekend. I won’t be doing it because I bleed Billy Gillispie. I won’t be doing it because I bleed Patrick Patterson. I’ll be doing it because I bleed blue and everytime Kentucky loses a game, it hurts. So, when they get knocked down with a vicious upper cut, which doesn’t even halfway describe the Georgia game, I’m going to cheer harder for them to get off the mat and go the distance for the rest of the match. If that means I’m “wearing blinders” or “drinking the blue Kool-Aid” (which I actually have in my fridge right now), then so be it. I ride and die with Kentucky."

As do I Matt.

GO CATS!!!!!!!!!!!

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