Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What a night!!!

What a night for the cats!!! While I am to young to remember games being played at Memorial, I will tell you, what I watched last night was amazing. I have been to plenty of games at Rupp, and while it is an unbelievable sight to see, last night took the cake. It had to be the loudest I have heard from Cats fans all year. I wish they would do a game there every year. The place was rocking like never before, and weather intentional or not, Billy G. did have the old brown suit on and you know it was bringing back memories of our man Rupp. The players were having fun, which we haven't seen maybe all year. So, NIT or not, lets go win the damn thing.

O, and this was rather large too, I probably woke Molly up screaming at this, but, she'll live!!!!!!!!!!!

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